EAT FIT - Eating Mindfully

There are many ways to practice mindfulness with eating! You can be more mindful of WHAT you are eating, WHY you are eating, HOW MUCH you are eating, and HOW you eat! Find out what and why you are eating by asking yourself what am I about to eat, and why.

Hunger obviously is one reason why you are about to eat, but also do your meal and food choices have a role in a purpose or goal in other areas of your life. You could ask yourself if the food is nutrient dense or not, or if this will help you reach a fitness goal. There might be a social reason for going out to eat, so in that instance you are looking forward to spending time with your friends and family, however you could go out with a plan to order a salad with a protein source and dressing on the side.

One of the best nutrition tips for eating mindfully I have ever heard was to put your fork down between each bite. This will help you to eat slower, encourage savoring and enjoying your meal, rather than eating as fast as you can.

Choosing proper portion sizes is also a good practice about how much you are eating. A simple and easy measuring tool for portion sizes is to use your hand! Protein like chicken, beef, or fish should be the size of your palm. One serving of vegetables should be the size of your fist. One serving of carbs (think potato, rice, pasta) is a cupped hand. One serving of fat is the size of your thumb (think oils, nuts, dressings).

You can also be more mindful of your eating habits and choices by using a food journal or even a smartphone app like My Fitness Pal to track your food. These methods are used to bring your awareness to your food choices and help you to see how these choices impact your overall health and can help you to be more aware of choosing more nutrient dense foods.



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