GET FIT - Mindfulness in Motion

When most people think of meditation they often envision a quiet and peaceful human being sitting still. While that is certainly one way to approach meditation I have found this same self-discovery in mindfully moving and working with the body.

You see, meditation or insight can be found in everything we do. Nothing needs to change in your life except that we begin to pay closer attention to what we are doing in the present moment and how it is affecting us.

A physical practice is the perfect way to learn about our bodies and our mind. We can learn what is working and what needs to be let go of. Awareness is an essential component of personal growth. It develops the tools that we need to grow in specific ways. In the case of a physical practice, we must learn what our body needs to function better whether it be strength, flexibility or general movement. As you move or exercise your body can you sense how it's moving? Are there any areas of tension, weakness or resistance? How does your body feel right now? Try to be free from judgement. This is the easiest way to enter into the moment and become one with your body and mind.

This is where I believe we can learn and achieve our deepest goals for ourselves. Take your training to the next level by being mindful whilst working with yourself.



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