The Saratoga 6: Marcus Dean Fuller

6 questions for Saratoga’s most interesting people

Marcus Dean Fuller is Saratoga Springs' resident writer, director and producer. With decades of experience in film, television and stage, he founded Compass Entertainment to focus on developing and producing independent, character-driven films. A striking character himself, you'll easily spot Marcus and his wife, Julie, while strolling the streets of Saratoga (or the island of Nantucket, if you're so lucky).

1. Tell us about your earliest Saratoga memory. 

Julie and I came up to visit some friends from Los Angeles who had just relocated to Saratoga. Neither of us really knew what to expect and were dubious to say the least.  Over the course of that weekend, we got to experience the charm of downtown, we had amazing meals at the restaurants and we ended by going to a show at SPAC. We sat on the lawn, under the stars, surrounded by our own twinkling firmament of people who had brought candles and wine, and there we saw Sting perform. We fell in love with the town, but it wasn't until we began looking to move out of the city that we decided to return to Saratoga, and this time for good.

2. Which of our local nonprofits is most important to you?

Julie serves on the board of directors for SPAC and I would say that is the focus of our commitment locally.

3. Which spot in town serves your favorite drink or dish?

Wow, that's a tough one. The restaurant scene in Saratoga has changed drastically over the past few years. We have seen the arrival of 15 Church, and Paul and his crew do everything pretty amazingly. Also, Salt & Char has given Saratoga a national face in the restaurant world. And of course Jeff and Heath are family to me, so I have to say Cantina!

4. If you made a movie about Saratoga what would the plot line be? And title?

Saratoga.  What else would you call it? Anyone with any connection to this town would surely agree. There is enough drama, comedy, romance and tragedy here to tell many stories, all framed by the water, horses, mountains and forest. If life happens in a small town, it happens or has happened here!

I actually wrote a screenplay years ago, a comedy called Adirondack Trust that takes place in Saratoga. Sorry Charles Wait, but it's a heist movie! (Wait is the CEO of The Adirondack Trust Co.)

5. What's the first app/website you open in the morning?

Yahoo. It's where I'm getting most of my news these days. I am really down on the media right now and I find that it doesn't make me happier; if anything, it keeps me from being less present. If the world is going to end, don't tell me. I just want to spend the day with Julie and the kids and friends laughing over a bonfire and cocktails.

6."I consider Saratoga's greatest hidden gem to be..."

The people who call this place home.  S



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