5 Summer Reads by Capital Region Authors

Mystery: Deadly Reputation

By David K. Wilson

Author David K. Wilson has just released the fourth installment in his Sam Lawson series. Part mystery, part comedy, the series follows the eponymous Sam Lawson, a detective in a fictional town in Texas, the state in which 20-year Capital Region resident Wilson grew up. In Deadly Reputation, Lawson agrees to help an old friend solve an abduction case, but winds up being framed for the very crime he’s investigating.

Self-Help: Rebel Mama

By Laura Rafferty

Rebel Mama: Breaking Free From Motherhood Norms and Parenting From Within isn’t so much a parenting guide as an invitation to mothers to push back against any parenting norm that goes against their instincts. The book arose from Type A Ballston Lake resident Laura Rafferty’s experience raising a child during the pandemic, when she changed from rule-follower and spreadsheet-organizer to “rebel mama,” all before her son, Jack, turned 1.

Future-fiction: The Punishings

By H.R. Bellicosa

This past February, Albany author H.R. Bellicosa published The Punishings, her timely debut novel that showcases a futuristic world without reproductive rights. The story follows orphanage worker Jane Dupre, who covertly assists women with unwanted pregnancies and eventually finds herself in even more peril than the women she’s helping. A portion of the proceeds from Bellicosa’s book will be donated to the ACLU, an organization dedicated to fighting for reproductive rights.

Memoir: Between Two Kingdoms

By Suleika Jaouad

New York Times bestselling memoir Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life Interrupted spent a considerable amount of time at the top of elite nonfiction lists when it was published by Saratoga native Suleika Jaouad in January 2021. And now it’s back in the public eye for two reasons: At the end of 2021, Jaouad announced that her leukemia had, devastatingly, returned, and in March, her memoir was released as a paperback, landing it once again on bestselling charts.

Children’s Lit: The Ghostly Tales of Saratoga

By Kate Byrne

Local history comes to life in the latest installment of the national bestselling Haunted America series, available May 2. Written for readers ages 8-12, The Ghostly Tales of Saratoga tells the fantastical stories of the Spa City’s mineral spring spirits that glow in the night, shapeshifters that linger in the forests that surround the town, and the woman in the green dress that roams freely through the Olde Bryan Inn’s walls.              

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