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Exclusive: Behind the Scenes With Owen Wilson

Late-April 2021, and the setting in Saratoga was all about perspective. If you were part of a certain film crew working with Hollywood heavyweight Owen Wilson, the Spa City was re-imagined as 1970s Vermont, the setting for a new movie, Paint, which was filmed...


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Scenes From Cocktails & Clairvoyance With Christine Seebold-Walrath

On Wednesday, May 10, Saratoga Living teamed up with intuitive medium Christine Seebold-Walrath to present our third annual Cocktails & Clairvoyance medium reading at The Gideon Putnam. See photos from the emotional evening by Nate Seitelman below, and read our Saratoga Living After Hours story for a full recap of the night's events.


Track Star: James Rowe

When he was a mere lad weighing all of 95 pounds at the tender age of 14, James Rowe was widely considered the premier jockey...

Track Star: Richard T. Wilson, Jr.

In every story—horse racing or otherwise—there’s a hero and there’s a villain. In this story, the hero is Richard T. Wilson, Jr., who led the...


“I Do!” 2023: From Saratoga, With Love

When Ali and Ryan Finley, Manhattanites who recently relocated to Dallas, decided to have their June 2022 wedding in Saratoga Springs, Ali had a one-track...

“I Do!” 2023: Golden Hour

When Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori, cofounders of beauty/wellness/superfood brand Golde, graced the cover of Saratoga Living in the summer of 2021, they’d been...

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A Historic Chicken Coop Becomes a Modern Marvel

Move over, victorian mansions: The Spa City has a new architectural aesthetic that’s on full display at 499 Union Avenue. Nestled within the city’s greenbelt between Saratoga Lake and Lake Lonely, and just across the street from the former home of Longfellows, this sleek structure might look like it teleported from the future, but it actually has quite a surprising history.  “The center of the...