Latham’s AngioDynamics Acquires Exciting New Medical Technology

There’s a technological revolution going on in modern medicine—and Capital Region med tech company AngioDynamics has a front-row seat. Headquartered in Latham, AngioDynamics sells, designs and manufactures innovative critical care devices. Last October, the business acquired Israeli med-tech company, Eximo Medical, in part, because it brought with it a new, cutting-edge tool to AngioDynamics’ growing list of offerings: an Auryon atherectomy laser.

What exactly does an Auryon laser do? “Auryon provides more energy than competing lasers, enabling more effective removal of both calcified and non-calcified lesions,” says Warren Nighan, AngioDynamics’ senior vice president. Atherectomy is the treatment of blockages in arteries, and AngioDynamics’ new laser is the only product to use a wavelength wide enough to treat the largest variety of lesion sizes in the broadest locations. “From a physical standpoint, the laser is also significantly smaller, lighter and more efficient,” says Nighan. The company began a pilot study of the new laser-technology platform back in January.

The Auryon laser is just the latest in a line of proprietary innovations that AngioDynamics has provided or helped create over the years. The company focuses on three fields of medical treatments—oncology therapies, vascular access products and dialysis catheters—and some of its other state-of-the-art devices include a NanoKnife for cancer treatments and the company’s own AngioVac for arterial clots and burdens. “AngioDynamics is transforming from a diversified, medical device business into a high-tech, high-growth company,” says Nighan.

Nighan is on to something. Originally founded in Queensbury in 1988, AngioDynamics has developed into a NASDAQ-listed, international powerhouse, with manufacturing plants in Queensbury and Glens Falls and offices overseas in Honk Kong, São Paulo and Amsterdam, Netherlands. And the business hasn’t forgotten its upstate roots. “AngioDynamics has been a mainstay in Catheter Valley in Queensbury for over three decades,” says Nighan. In 2012, the company took over Navilyst, a local medical device company with a manufacturing plant in Glens Falls. Nighan says that since then AngioDynamics has remained committed to the Queensbury-Glens Falls area, fully staffing two manufacturing plants in both of those cities. “Queensbury and Glens Falls has been the heart of AngioDynamics’ operations,” says Nighan. “We expect it to continue to be that way in the future.”

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