AngioDynamics’ Kim Seabury Discusses IT’s Role In Making Remote Work ‘Business As Usual’ During The COVID-19 Crisis

The Latham-based med tech firm has leaned heavily on its IT department to help stay in touch with its employees and customer base.

Kim Seabury, AngioDynamics' senior vice president of IT. (AngioDynamics)

Whether it’s keeping in touch with loved ones via Zoom or restaurants using delivery apps to keep sales up, technology has played a major role in how society has adapted to the “new normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s especially true of AngioDynamics, a Latham-based medical technology firm, which has harnessed the power of tech.

With its entire office workforce for the first time ever working completely from home, AngioDynamics has leaned heavily on its IT department for support. And they’ve come through time and again. “Part of tech that I’ve always enjoyed is that it’s changing all the time, and COVID-19 has certainly put that to the test,” says Kim Seabury, the company’s senior vice president of IT. “We know that in IT we always have to change to the situation and adjust quickly.” Case in point, when Governor Andrew Cuomo issued his work-from-order back in March, AngioDynamics had the majority of its office employees working remotely within just 24 hours. (It also had social distancing and other safety protocols in place weeks before the governor’s mandate.) Seabury’s IT department was vital to keeping communication lines open within the company. “I’m extremely proud of my team, and our entire workforce’s ability to adjust quickly,” she says. “The people we have here are just fantastic.”

Ever since that plate-tectonic shift, Seabury says that AngioDynamics has been expanding its use of tech in the virtual office. “We keep in touch with all of our employees online,” says Seabury. “We do regular check-ins to make sure that everyone has the tech and equipment they need to do their job.” Seabury adds that the business is also doing research into any upgrades or new technology that will enhance employees’ experiences working from home. Furthermore, AngioDynamics has been relying more on its IT department to stay in touch with its customer base, which, in turn, helps the patients who need its lifesaving devices.

Looking ahead to the gradual reopening of the Capital Region, which began this week, AngioDynamics, like many industries, is planning to review its work-from-home policy. “There are a lot of opportunities to do things differently when we return to the offices,” says Seabury. “It’s proven to me, personally, that you can be effective working from home. So going forward, we will explore the idea of enabling a different balance of how much employees work remotely.”


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