Aurora Games 2019: Highlights From Albany’s All-Women Olympics-Style Competition

Look, it’s likely Albany, NY, will never be the site of the Summer or Winter Olympics. (Stranger things have happened; Lake Placid, which hosted the games in 1980 and 1932, is just two hours north.) But this week’s inaugural Aurora Games, which are taking place in Albany, are about as close as anyone in this region has gotten to enjoying Olympic-style competitions.

Of course, the Aurora Games pit two groups of all-women athletes—Team Americas and Team World—against one another in just six categories of sports (tennis, gymnastics, basketball, ice hockey, figure skating and volleyball), but that hasn’t lessened the level of competition in the least. And it didn’t keep some of the top athletes in the nation and world from showing up to strut their stuff.

saratoga living‘s own Billy Francis LeRoux has been covering the Aurora Games all week for us and his first batch of photos are in. Click on the image above for the complete slideshow. For more of LeRoux’s work, click here.

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