2020 Belmont Stakes: Watch a Free Zoom Handicapping Panel Before the Big Race

Yes, the pandemic has mucked up the traditional order of the Triple Crown. And no, you can’t watch the Belmont Stakes in person today at Belmont Park. But you can stream or watch it on TV—and you can wager on the race on your favorite app.

So, are you going to stand around and mope about it, or handicap the hell out of the race and make a fat stack of Benjamins? No idea who to bet on? We’ve got you covered.

Last night, Saratoga Living hosted an exclusive pro handicapping panel, sponsored by NYRA Bets, with three of the nation’s top handicappers: Brian Nadeau (Capital OTB), Seth Merrow (Capital OTB) and Anthony Stabile (NYRA Bets). The panel gave its picks for today’s Belmont Stakes, discussed what the Triple Crown landscape would look like this year and more.

Watch the full video below.

Want in on the race day fun? Sign up for the NYRA Bets app here and get a free $25 wager with the promo code “BELMONT25.”

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