Book Nook: A Pair of Local Page-turners

We Shall Not Shatter 

By Elaine Stock 

Elaine Stock’s tug-at-your-heartstrings historical novel We Shall Not Shatter follows the story of friends Zofia and Aanya on the eve of World War II. Inspired by her Polish family’s true wartime stories. Stock’s protagonists defy Nazism—both its condemnation of Judaism and of the disabled (Aanya is deaf). Stock, a longtime resident of Rensselaer County, spent years researching the war and building her family tree (which includes a deaf great aunt who perished in the Holocaust) as a basis for her inspiring book, which hits shelves this May. Her heartfelt connection to her ancestors shines through, landing Stock on the Historical Fiction Company’s “Highly Recommended” list.


What’s With Those Adirondack Mountain Names?

By Robert C. Lawrence

Robert C. Lawrence was kayaking with his wife, Carol Ann, in the shadow of Blue Mountain when he found himself wondering where all of his beloved Adirondack mountains got their names. The avid history buff put his history degree to good use and began researching. The result? What’s With Those Adirondack Mountain Names?, self-published here in the Capital Region by the Troy Book Makers. A must-read for all local hikers, this fun resource covers everything from name origins to the definition of a Dippikill. 

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