Lauren Christie Design Offers Saratoga Custom Interior Designs And Home Decor Solutions For Every Budget

Founded in 2018, Lauren Christie Design is a professional interior design company based in Ballston Spa that believes in breaking the rules and marching to the sound of your own beat. In addition to tapping into each client’s unique style and needs, Lauren Christie Design specializes in home decor, home staging for real estate, photography styling, custom-made pieces and furniture creation and renovation. No project is too small. “My hope is that through my business and through my clients and their spaces, I can debunk the ideology that design has to follow a set of rules,” says CEO and Founder Christie Pronto. saratoga living recently sat down and chatted with Pronto about her business.

Where do you find inspiration while staying up to date with current trends and codes?
Trends are important when staying relevant in the market, but if monochromatic decor tickles your fancy, let’s go with that. If vibrant colors and abstract art in the bathroom makes your heart sing, then flow with that. Lean into what makes you or your family function at its highest level. My job is to bring that energy to fruition through decor, staging, lighting and more.

How do you help clients discover and communicate their style to you?
Music truly connects me to the mood of a space. I create soundtracks for each space, because it not only guides me stylistically, but it also feeds my soul and translates into the decorating or renovation of the space.

What does a successful project mean to you?
I look for personalized and engaging experiences, whether with the client or through the artistic choices made in a home. It’s about a feeling versus an aesthetic. The aesthetic will be there in the end, and hopefully, the client will have a unique and authentic reaction to the soul of the space. The chair, the mirror or whatever it may be—those are merely the vehicles driving us to the reaction.

What can clients expect from Lauren Christie Design in 2019?
My sincerest hope is for quality and integrity in the long run, and heart and passion forever. To me, luxury is all about comfort, and that’s entirely relative. Knowing that a particular piece was custom-made especially for you and your budget is luxurious. Feeling your home rise up to meet you when you enter after a hard day’s work and glancing at the custom artwork hung on your wall is luxurious, timeless and priceless.

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