TOGA HERITAGE is a true labor of love. “It’s something that I’ve wanted to do my entire life,” says owner Deborah DePasquale. Born and raised in Upstate New York, Deborah fell hard for Saratoga Springs at an early age, whether it be going to Saratoga Race Course or learning to play golf at the Spa State Park or catching a polo match. It was all about that unique, Saratoga experience for her—and she wanted to share it with others. On the heels of her successful boutique wedding and event planning business, in 2016, Deborah launched her own line of the personalized gifts and home decor collections, which pay homage to her Saratoga roots—and take it a step beyond.

Enter TOGA HERITAGE, a Saratoga-based lifestyle brand and pop-up shop that urges people to “love where they live”—whether they’re Saratoga natives or just locals at heart. “You don’t have to be born and raised here to love this city,” says DePasquale. Maybe you come up for the races in August from New Jersey. Or you find yourself in town for the ballet. Or just happen to be strolling through the Spa City on your way up north. TOGA HERITAGE is for everyone.

TOGA HERITAGE currently has more than 110 products for sale—as well as countless others in development or set for launch—including everything from branded koozies and a European porcelain dinnerware collection to picnic baskets, golf towels, T-shirts, hats and barware all emblazoned with the can’t-miss TOGA HERITAGE logo. “Each piece stems from some memory or experience” that Deborah says she wants to share with her clients or customers—another way of creating that Saratoga connection. Speaking of new products, on April 6, TOGA HERITAGE is launching a brand-new tartan collection—on National Tartan Day, no less. The line’s been in development since 2016, and Deborah worked on it with consultants in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now, TOGA HERITAGE has its own officially registered corporate Scottish tartan.

Ultimately what sets TOGA HERITAGE apart is its deep Saratoga connection—and the brand’s ability to resonate with its customers on a personal level. “It represents Saratoga in a modern, traditional, classic way,” says Deborah.

Be sure to visit TOGA HERITAGE’s brick-and-mortar at 398 Broadway in Saratoga Springs, and “like” their page on Facebook.

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