Gallery: Capital Region Employees Share Their Work From Home Spaces

Tawn Malison

Associate Director, Saratoga Senior Center
“During every single Zoom call, our toddler finds me, no matter where I hide.”


Billy Chapman

District Sales Manager, Mission Foods
“I work from home a lot normally, so this hasn’t made much of a difference to my job. My company was deemed essential, since we’re a food delivery service. But I do wish I had an extra room to set up in, because I just use my kitchen table.”


Colleen H. Carlson

Director of Sales, Saratoga Casino Hotel
“The best part about working from home is that there are no interruptions, and I can throw in a couple of loads of laundry while writing contracts. The worst is that I miss my team who are currently furloughed. I also do not enjoy Zoom calls. I miss being with people instead of talking to them on a screen.”


Jeremy Krupa

Project Manager, STS Steel, Inc.
“Working from home has allowed my company to utilize resources that have been available but had not previously been taken advantage of, the biggest being electronic signatures. This has reduced the need for printing and scanning a lot of documents.”


Paul Hennessey

Assistant Vice President, Cool Insuring Agency, Inc.
“One nice afternoon, I sat outside for a conference call with my boss and some other associates. After the call, I needed to talk to my boss about another matter, and while talking to him he mentioned how distracted he was on the conference call by the sounds of birds chirping on someone’s line. Unless he reads this article, he’ll never know it was me!”


Ginevra Fisk

Marketing Coordinator & Design Specialist, The Hyde Collection
“The trickiest part of working from home is probably my crazy desk setup. I was about to get rid of the desk, and had already ditched the drawers, when lockdown started. I usually use a standing desk at the office, and in order to make anything comparable, I mashed together an odd arrangement of items. It’s hilarious and less than ergonomic, but it gets the job done!” 

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