Corinth-Based Carlini Fitness To Relocate To Saratoga With New Fitness Facility (Exclusive)

Whenever life begins to normalize again after the COVID-19 pandemic—Governor Cuomo announced on April 28 a 12-step plan for reopening the state—there are going to be a lot of people ready to hit up the gym. One Capital Region business is already anticipating that demand. Saratoga Living has learned that Carlini Fitness in Corinth will be opening a new fitness facility in Saratoga Springs. Expected to open in May or June, the 1,100 square-foot workout space at 30 Gick Road will not only offer Carlini’s signature training and nutrition services with all brand-new equipment, but it will also serve as the local training center’s headquarters.

“It’s exciting and scary all in one, but I’m confident in myself, my trade and my crew,” says Ben Carlini, owner and founder of Carlini Fitness, about making the Spa City his new home base. “Saratoga can be an intimidating area, but definitely an area [we want] to be in.” A certified personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise, Carlini has been running his business out of his home studio in Corinth since 2018. The professional trainer focuses on strength training and nutrition in both one-on-one and group sessions. Carlini also believes in offering affordable and accessible physical training. Everyone who’s willing to put in the work is entitled to a healthy, fit lifestyle and shouldn’t be charged their life savings to get it,” he says. “It’s my main goal to make health and fitness understandable and manageable for everyone. Creating a fun fitness environment is my passion, and I’ve never been happier doing just that.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Carlini Fitness’ location in Saratoga had been scheduled to open up on May 1—and though circumstances surrounding the highly contagious virus are still changing day-to-day, Carlini says that he plans on opening as soon as the state will allow him, likely at the end of May or the beginning of June.

Gym members choose their membership tier (how many days a week they work out) as well as receive regular nutritional/dietary direction from Carlini. Best of all, the Capital Region fitness center is currently offering a discounted rate for people who pre-sign up for training.

Once the new facility is up and running, Carlini says that he’ll stop offering training out of his home studio and focus solely on the Spa City location. As for finally realizing his dream of having a full fitness space for his business, Carlini’s ecstatic. “I up and quit my career of nine years in production to pursue my dream of being the best trainer I can be,” he says. “This is huge, and I was lucky enough to have my very supportive wife, Shantrell, there to have my back while I took the leap.”

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