What Would Woody Do: Saratoga’s Kindness and Generosity Bubble

Here at Woody's Barbershop in Saratoga Springs, lots of things happen. Men come and tell me stories about their past and current lives, including their hopes and dreams for the future. But this time around, I'm not going to share with you my own story, or a tale from one of my most interesting customers. No, this time, I'm sharing you the real news...

Barber, Raconteur, Horse Enthusiast: Woody Is Someone You Should Know

Hello. I'm Joe "Woody" Wood. Or just Woody to my friends. Pleased to meet you all. I'm the owner of Woody's Barbershop in Saratoga Springs. I was born and raised in Ithaca, NY, and life eventually brought me to Las Vegas, where I worked as a bartender at Treasure Island. Not long after my tenure in Vegas, life brought me—full circle—back to Ithaca, where...

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