Creating a Home Sanctuary

A home project with Allerdice Glass & Mirror will instantly level up your space, whether you’ve purchased a new home during this dynamic real estate market, or are remodeling after spending so much time at home during these uncertain pandemic times.

I spoke with Allerdice Glass & Mirror’s residential project manager, Tiffany Dahl, about how she helps homeowners achieve a showcase space in their home.

“I work with homeowners, builders and designers to ascertain exactly what is needed for success in all aspects of a project,” says Tiffany. Timelines, coordination with other installation teams, as well as structural details are very important variables to be considered. Tiffany adds: “We cover all the top trends found in glass and mirror and perform very detailed repair work. Our custom projects are extraordinary.” She credits the highly skilled Allerdice Glass & Mirror craftsmen and team.

Tiffany says that when it comes to bathrooms, the spa look, including frameless doors and matte black hardware contrasting with bright white tiles, remains the biggest trend in the glass space. Allerdice’s most enviable custom work has included steam showers, grid-style glass panels, curbless showers (wetrooms), and the protective coatings available to make your beautiful new glass easier to maintain.

Hot ticket design trends for baths range from rolling “barn door”–style sliding doors to low iron glass and black grid-style shower enclosure systems that make a bold architectural statement. “These design aesthetics combined are stunning, especially when juxtaposed against the clean white palettes seen in many new bathroom designs,” says Tiffany. “The low iron glass makes a visible difference and boasts a higher degree of clarity compared to standard clear glass.”

The esteemed glass shop is multi-dimensional in its services list, priding itself on its ability to work with a variety of screen, glass, Plexiglas, polycarbonate and mirror products, making them a go-to home services retailer. “Our custom projects cover more than just shower enclosures and glass solutions for baths,” says Tiffany. Allerdice’s custom services also include glass tabletops, strong pet screening and porch enclosures.

To see some of Allerdice’s top-level work yourself, keep your eye out during the Showcase of Homes this October 9, 10, 11, 16 and 17. Allerdice’s work will be shown off in homes by McPadden Builders, Kodiak Builders, Bella Home Builders and Witt Construction.

Thinking of renovating? Tiffany recommends visiting the Allerdice Glass & Mirror showroom for ideas. —Kellye Shaw

Allerdice Glass & Mirror, 120 Excelsior Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY

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