How Daisy & Lola Events Sprouted From the Ashes of the Pandemic

One local wedding business that sprouted from the ashes of the pandemic is Daisy & Lola, a Saratoga-based, one-woman event planning show. “Since I was in high school I have been planning and organizing events,” says Katie Massie, the Britney Spears/dogs/coffee-fueled dynamo behind Daisy & Lola. “During the pandemic, I was laid off and my husband asked, ‘Why haven’t you started an event-planning business yet?’ And so I did.”

Since launching her biz in January 2021, Massie has planned and put on all sorts of events in addition to weddings, including a backyard engagement party, a “flannel fling before the ring” bachelorette party, and a bridal shower on the back deck of the bride’s mother’s home. “With dates shifting, my 2022 has weddings that were postponed,” she says. “But the pandemic also brought the industry back to what’s important: celebrating the love of two people. As a wedding planner and designer, that has allowed me to be even more creative.”

And where did the name Daisy & Lola come from? Massie’s two rescue pups, of course. “Their names made me think of different types of clients: Daisy being simple, timeless and fun, just like the flower, and Lola like the showgirl—wild, bold and untraditional. I love providing clients with whatever style they are looking for, so my pups’ names and personalities made perfect sense.”

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