‘Dancing With The Stars’ Icon Derek Hough Soars Into Albany

Let’s get this out of the way: Yes, for what seems an eternity now, I’ve been watching Dancing With The Stars. OK, OK…have at it. Look, DWTS is one of the only television shows that I get to bond with my mother-in-law about—how could we not?—and this Utah-bred, glistening-when-shirtless, towheaded wonder, six-time Mirror Ball Champion, slice of dreamy American pie, Derek Hough, is a huge reason why mom-in-law and I (and tens of millions of others) love this impossibly happy show, now entering its 28th season(!), so damn much. His aw-shucks humility mixed with his Wow! acrobatic dance moves make Hough the perfect object of post-millennium pop cultural fascination: sexy for a G-rated audience.

Serving currently as a judge (along with R&B singer Ne-Yo and superstar Executive Producer Jennifer Lopez) of NBC’s wildly popular World Of Dance, Hough has struck reality-competition-show gold once again. His chemistry with the ageless, stunning Lopez is palpable, yet clearly friendly (their partnership doesn’t tread anywhere near the smoldering Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper zone).

And now, all of Hough’s cream cheese goodness wrapped in seriously mind-blowing dancing ability is heading to Albany’s Palace Theatre on Friday, April 26. Oh, yes, I’ve already called my mother-in-law. Let the bonding begin!

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