Dark Faerie Tale Ball a Tour de Force

More than 170 costumed celebrants filled the Canfield Casino for the inaugural “All Hallows Eve Dark Faerie Tale Masquerade Ball” on Oct. 26, a benefit for SaratogaArtsFest.

“We had originally capped the attendance at 150… because we wanted those who came to feel like they were at something exclusive,” said Tas Steiner, ball chairman. “But when people walked up to the event, all dressed for a masquerade ball, we managed to accommodate them.”

The event paid homage to Grimm’s Fairy Tales, with an immersive twist. A sabre duel between Little Red Riding Hood (Stephanie Ward) and the Big, Bad Wolf (Michael John Gilbert) and other vignettes were acted out during cocktail hour.

“We wanted to create an immersive theater experience that invited our guests to be part of the action,” said Ellen Beal, board chairwoman of Arts Fest Fridays. “The audience quickly got into the spirit of the evening — they cheered the performers and loved being treated as members of a royal court.”

Kim Klopstock of Lily and the Rose served dinner medieval-style at three long tables. Jacqueline Goldstein’s remarkable rendition of Phantom of the Opera’s “Think of Me” was presented at the rear of the dining room instead of onstage, another creative touch. Nicole Coady was the ball’s artistic director, and Sidney Martin designed the décor.

“Everything worked together to make for an amazing night,” said Beal. Next year’s theme? “We’re not giving that away yet!”

Alicia and Dustin Skidmore at the Masquerade Ball at the Canfield Casino. (Cathleen Duffy)
The Savory Pantry’s Keeley and Stephen DeSalvo with attorneys Eleanor Mullaney and Rob Coughlin. (Cathleen Duffy)
Sidney Martin of Simply Sidney Floral Design, a new store on Broadway, which provided the Casino decor. (Cathleen Duffy)
Big Bad Wolf Michael Gilbert lets out a growl on stage during one of the evening’s pop-up performances. (Cathleen Duffy)
Amy Rosen as the evil witch and Alex Timmis as the blue-bearded man. (Cathleen Duffy)
Bart Bartholomew Altamari, Jeff Altamari and Dee Sarno, SaratogaArtsFest ex-officio chairwoman. (Cathleen Duffy)
‘Deb, a Wood Nymph’ and Andie Zajaceskowski (Cathleen Duffy)
Seth and Sequoyah Finkell.


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