EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Queensbury Native Delaney Silvernell Discusses Her Run On ‘The Voice’

Confession: I’m obsessed with NBC’s The Voice. For those who don’t watch it on a regular basis, it’s a singing competition/reality series where anyone can audition and get the chance to work with celebrity coaches such as Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton. (The celebrity coaches personally “choose” competitors to sing for their “teams.”) New and emerging musicians compete by doing fresh covers of current hit songs, all the while training under the tutelage of one of the four star coaches and other famous “guest advisors” (Mariah Carey was a recent guest advisor). As you can tell, I’m deeply addicted.

For the show’s eighth season, local fans got to root for one of their own, as Sawyer Fredericks, who grew up in nearby Montgomery County (about an hour from Saratoga Springs), ended up becoming one of the show’s youngest winners ever. This season, the show’s 15th, locals were able to cheer for a competitor who grew up even closer to Saratoga: Delaney Silvernell, a Queensbury native (just 30 minutes from Saratoga). She was initially picked up by Team Clarkson during the “blind auditions” round, but was later “stolen” by Team Levine (celebrity coaches can poach certain singers for their own teams).

Delaney Silvernell
The ‘Voice’ celebrity coaches, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton, who appeared on Season 15. (Trae Patton/NBC)

Though Silvernell didn’t ultimately make it to the season finale, which airs tonight at 8pm (December 18), the local star will be stopping by the Charles R. Wood Theater in Glens Falls this weekend for a special “Home for the Holidays” concert. Friday, December 21, and Sunday, December 23, Silvernell will be performing three different sets of original music and holiday classics. Unfortunately, all of shows have already sold it! But saratoga living had a chance to speak with her about the upcoming concert and her time on The Voice.

What do you think of Saratoga having grown up nearby?
I love spending time in Saratoga! My dad works there as an Assistant Superintendent for the Saratoga Springs City School District, and my favorite restaurant is Ravenous. So it’s a win/win.

What was it like working with Kelly Clarkson and then Adam Levine? How do their coaching styles differ?
Kelly and Adam are very different. Kelly is much more personally connected to her artists and literally loses sleep over her decisions on the show. Adam is much more casual and laid back.

I read that you spent six months auditioning for The Voice before getting to the blind auditions. After all that work, what was it like when Kelly finally chose you?
I’d auditioned for The Voice in years past, so as I got further in the audition process, I tried to keep myself in check, because I had already been rejected from the show twice [before the blind auditions]. I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself. When Kelly [chose me], I initially didn’t notice. I opened my eyes, and all the sudden, she was looking at me. That’s when it hit me that it was really, actually happening.

What’s it like returning to Queensbury as a star, even if you didn’t make the finale?
I live in LA full time, so I’m so excited to go home for the holidays! It’s much more casual in LA, because 85 percent of the people I know have a similar creative pursuit, so there’s less of a novelty to The Voice. I’m just happy to get to represent such a supportive area.

What’s it like selling out your home venue, the Charles R. Wood Theater?
It’s crazy to think that just two-and-a-half years ago I did one night at The Wood and got very close to selling [it] out, but not quite. The first two “Home for the Holidays” shows sold out in a day, and we just sold out the third. It motivates me to put on an awesome show.

What should fans expect next? Are you working on a new album?
There’s definitely an album in the works, and a single called “Bow & Arrow,” which will be out in January. I’ll be singing it at the Wood, along with a mixture of other originals and holiday pieces.

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