Grooming: How To Get The Perfect Shave

As all Saratoga men are well aware, winter wreaks havoc on our exposed faces. As my Dad always said: “Shape it or shave it.” So, here’s the roadmap to getting that elusive perfect shave. Buck up, men: This matters.

• Splash warm-hot water on face and thoroughly lift entire beard areas with a quality dense scrub (Clinique Men’s Scrub is great). 

• Rinse again. Leave face wet and (optionally) cover with a hot terrycloth washrag for a minute. Splash again and use pre-shave lube, then cream over that (don’t use cheap foam). Keep it moist!

• Shave. Your blade needs to be hot from running water and should be “married” to your
face—perfectly flush and with no drag. Make firm, short, repeated down strokes, slowly under nostrils first, from top to bottom. Use your tongue to push skin out. Elongate neck and stretch saggy areas. Re-moisten if you must. Never shave a dry skin patch. Splash again. Leftover stubble can gently be shaved up or sideways for more closeness.

• Tone and Seal. Rinse and pat dry. Toner! Toner closes pores, firms and protects—it’s an absolute must! 

• Repair. I use layers of skincare, while most men use little to none. Start reversing age lines now! Try an all-in-one serum. Caldera Lab is your genie in a bottle. It really works, guys.

• Recap. Lubricate. Shave. Tone. Moisturize. Got it?!

Expert Tip: Shampoo is turning your beard into a scratching post. Heavily scrub-rinse in
water only 75 percent of the time; and always condition—every single time. 

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