Haute Property: The Glass Castle

Raise your hand if you want a peaceful hilltop haven just 15 minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown Saratoga. One couple has created just that: a French-style chateau at the center of 21 acres brimming with woods, walking trails, orchards, gardens and old stone walls à la Robert Frost. And after two years of idyllic living, life is taking them elsewhere—meaning (at press time), their hideaway is for sale.

“We just love this house,” says Fran Apy, who renovated the five-bedroom, six-bath dream home at 100 Nat Hill Road with her husband, Ray, after the couple bought the property in spring 2020. “It was originally built in 1990. We bought it for the fun of the renovation process and because we could see through the outdated style and layout to something that would be truly beautiful.”

With the guidance of revered architect Jeff DeGraw, the Apys upgraded every inch of this idyllic hideaway, prioritizing glass, glass and more glass—including massive floor-to-ceiling windows for taking in the fabulous vista of surrounding woods and hillsides. “Those are the best things: the land and the views,” Ray says of the property that at press time was listed by Roohan Realty for $3,499,000. “There are 20 acres with the house situated in the middle, so privacy abounds in all directions.”

The renovation was total—a new construction on a pre-existing foundation—with warm, natural hardwood floors, contemporary yet colorful decor, a full wine cellar and dry bar, ceramic tile baths, and an enormous soak-in tub on the third floor. Did we mention an in-ground pool for those hot summer days?

“The contemporary layout and decorative theme are so aesthetically pleasing,” Fran says. “The property is perfectly suited for those who want privacy, and it’s move-in ready.”

Old stone walls created after the land was originally cleared for agriculture crisscross the property. After farming was abandoned, the forest regrew into the lush one it is today; a developer eventually came along in 1990 and carved out the very top of the hill for residential construction that would boast those stunning views. 

As for why the Apys would sell a private little slice of Upstate paradise, they say it’s time to downsize. “With two kids off to college and a third getting close, we’re finally getting serious about it,” says Ray, who plans to own multiple smaller homes in his and Fran’s favorite locations. “While Nat Hill is such a beautiful place today, we’re preparing for the next chapter in our lives.”

The next chapter of this hot property? Well, that remains to be seen—but with views like that, it will
be worthy of a storybook.  

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