Hot Dates: International Cat and Dog Days

While August may not boast any federal holidays, it is a month in which two very important pet-related occasions fall: International Cat Day (August 8) and International Dog Day (August 26). In time for the paws-itively adorable holidays, saratoga living polled its 27,000 Instagram followers on their favorite dog and cat breeds, and to confirm the ultimate pet-lover’s debate: dogs or cats?

DOGS: 88% vs. CATS: 12%

Saratoga’s favorite dog breeds:

• Golden Retriever
• Labrador
• Westie

“It just depends on your lifestyle and what you can handle. Dogs tend to need more attention and care. Where cats are more self-sufficient. Dogs you can take with you on hikes, to the lake, etc. Cats not so much. Cats are definitely less expensive. However, cat or dog people wouldn’t trade their pets for the world.” –@cj_diliberti

Saratoga’s favorite cat breeds:

Domestic Shorthair

“There are cat breeds?? –@oconne25

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