It’s Elementary: Back-to-School Fashion From GapKids

Saratoga summer was fun while it lasted, but now it’s time to get down to business and back to school. Set your kiddos up for success with a few versatile pieces from GapKids, like this adorable faux-leather leather jacket modeled by fourth-grader Jane. There are plenty of ways to wear it, but we chose to pair it with a rhinestone-bedazzled flare jean (wide-leg is back, baby!) and a Johnny Cash graphic tee for a rock-solid look with a rock-on attitude. Accessorize with a flashy bookbag, and math class won’t know what hit it.

Third-grader Will, meanwhile, will be the coolest kid on the bus in a layered look that’s as cozy as it is stylish. On the coldest of fall days, the plaid button-down, jean jacket and puffer vest will all be in play, but he can always lose a layer after building up a sweat at recess. Will knows he looks good, too—during his photoshoot, he asked if he’d be on the cover of the magazine. With this amount of swag, we can’t blame him.   

Jane’s Look

Faux-Leather Puff Sleeve Jacket | $79.95

Johnny Cash Graphic Tee | $34.95

High Rise Rhinestone Flare Jeans | $64.95

Kids Recycled Backpack | $59.95

Will’s Look

Poplin Button-Down Shirt | $39.95

Denim Icon Jacket | $59.95

Lightweight Puffer Vest | $59.95

Original Fit Jeans | $49.95

Gap Logo Baseball Hat | $19.95

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