Job Hunters: CommerceHub, Adirondack Studios, RenderTribe And Tesorio Are All Hiring

Hi there, If you’re reading this column and still have a job, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. If you’re reading it and have recently lost your job, don’t fret: You can go on unemployment, and there are still a number of open positions out there to apply to. If you’re reading this, and you’re already on unemployment, but you’ve been striking out on the job application front, keep at it; you’re doing a great job. Even before the COVID hit the fan, it wasn’t a walk in the park landing a new job, so remember: It’ll take time to secure one—and by that we mean an email, phone-screen interview and possibly, multiple Zoom calls—and in the meantime, you’re learning a new, valuable skillset: How to become an expert job hunter.

Now, this might be an unpopular opinion, but if you can find a part-time job to kick things off, with reduced hours—say, 20-30 per week—that could work to your benefit. That way, you’ll be working a job, which you can put on your résumé, and spending the rest of the time looking for a full-time position. It’s not unheard of. In fact, many freelance writers work multiple part-time positions, with an eye to eventually finding that “unicorn” of a contract.

One last thing before you get to this week’s job postings: A great way to ideate about new jobs, besides this column is to ask your friends and family for ideas. It sounds so obvious, but many of us forget that we have a pretty amazing network of top employees (or retired ones) right in our own address book. Who knows? One of your friend’s (or weird uncle’s) companies could be looking to hire right now.

Local Job Opportunities

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Technical Writer
If you’ve been working on a book for the last three years, and you have a bunch of chapters done, but no agent or publisher, you’re technically a writer. That has nothing to do with being a technical writer. What the latter does is create documentation such as how-to manuals, design specs and other (yes) technical writing products for mostly tech-based companies. It’s a niche area in the writing field and could be extremely lucrative if you find the right business. In recent years, there’s been an overabundance of technical writing positions available in the Capital Region, so it’s not some flash in the pan. And Albany-based tech firm, CommerceHub, is looking for a Technical Writer with a minimum of four years experience. Find the job description on Glassdoor, or search for the job on CommerceHub’s jobs page.

Adirondack Studios worked on Lyric Opera Chicago’s onstage scenery for its production of ‘Das Rheingold.’ (Adirondack Studios/Todd Rosenberg Photography)

*EDITOR’S PICK* Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Vice President
A few Design issues ago, Saratoga Living covered Adirondack Studios, a full-service design studio that works on scenic and themed environments for everything from touring Broadway shows to theme parks. Based in scenic Argyle, NY, the company is looking for a VP of Creative Arts, who will work onsite and oversee its creative team. Per the job posting: “You will advance and oversee the business activities of ADK Studios as they relate to creative, scenic, and design services and quality art product.” This is an executive-level position, so if you’re just out of college, it’s probably not a good idea to apply to this job (but the studios might have internships, so that could be something you could contact someone over there about). Even though it’s not noted in the story, my guess is the studios will be looking for someone with at least 10-15 years of experience. Maybe more. You can find the job by searching LinkedIn Jobs, as well as on Adirondack Studios’ careers page.

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Marketing Manager
No, RenderTribe isn’t the name of an obscure ’90s industrial act who toured with Nine Inch Nails (though, it probably could’ve been). It’s actually that of a Saratoga Springs-based customer acquisition firm, with an area of expertise in pipeline marketing for SaaS (Software as a Service) and other software companies. (We’re guessing if you weren’t familiar with what “customer acquisition” or “pipeline marketing” was before checking out this job, you probably shouldn’t apply for it.) RenderTribe is looking for somebody with “experience managing paid search and paid social media campaigns and will be comfortable directly interacting with customers about advanced digital strategy.” You’ll need three to five years experience. (Note: This job can also be worked remotely, but only if you live within three hours of Saratoga, as you would need to attend occasional in-house meetings.) Search for the job on LinkedIn Jobs, or drop the company a line here.

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Froster
We’re not going to lie: This sounds like it would’ve been our dream job, like, 25 years ago. The Texas-based franchise, Nothing Bundt Cakes, has a Colonie location, and it’s looking for a Froster. Yep, someone that stands around all shift long and prepares different sizes of cakes to order, using a pastry bag and making large batches of frosting. Hours are normally 8:30am-6:30pm (it’s closed on Sundays and major holidays). It’s a part-time position that pays $12-$14/hour. Search for the job on Indeed, or search for the job on the company’s website.

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Executive Level
Look, some people are qualified to become Frosters (see above), while others have the background needed to become the Chief of Surgical Services at the Department of Veterans Affairs/Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany, NY. (Salary estimate: $250,000-$400,000 per year.) Duties include “all supervisory and programmatic oversight for VA Medical Center’s Surgical Service, which includes Orthopedics, Vascular, Urology, ENT, Ophthalmology, GYN, General Surgery, Podiatry, and Plastics, Anesthesiology, Thoracic and Dental Services.” So, in short, it’s a doozy. Only serious candidates should apply. To start an application for the position, click here.

The Coolest (And Most Important) Local Job Opportunity Out There Right Now
Remember how we mentioned in the last Job Hunters column that the Capital Region needed more contact tracers in order to reopen? Well, it turns out that we need exactly 166 to reach our benchmark and begin our phased reopening. It’s entirely possible that that number has already been met, but the region still needs your help; it’s a mammoth task, and not one to take lightly. How can you apply to become a contact tracer? Right here, that’s how.

National/Remote Work Opportunities

Cool Internship Opportunity (National/Remote)
If you’re interested in getting into the journalism trade, a great way of doing so is nabbing an editorial internship at a magazine or website. If your parents spent the better part of your childhood following The Grateful Dead or Phish around the country, with you in a hippie baby bjorn, an internship at Relix magazine might be just the ticket. Relix, which started off as a fanzine in the mid-’70s, is now a print magazine published eight times a year (it also has a robust set of digital offerings, including a wonderful website and side-hustle, jambands.com). It’s part-time and unpaid, but would be a great foot in the door for any future Cameron Crowe (look up the name if you’re not familiar with him). Plus, we kinda sorta know one of the editors in chief, so we could put in a good word, if you send us your résumé or connect with Editorial Director Will Levith on LinkedIn. Email the Relix staff directly here.

Cool Job Opportunity (National/Remote) – Freelance Writer
Given that the 24-hour news cycle is all but clogged with medical news—yes, you didn’t dream the fact that we’re stuck in a global pandemic—you’ll likely see more medical-related jobs in this column going forward. Are you a talented journalist with experience writing about health and science? Global Health Strategies (GHS) is looking for a Freelance Health & Science Journalist to report on and edit news articles about (you guessed it) COVID-19 science for a policymaker audience. Search “remote jobs” on LinkedIn Jobs, or browse GHS’ careers page.

Cool Job Opportunity (National/Remote) – Director Level
A few columns ago, we mentioned that, over on the Left Coast, the tech job market was still doing quite a bit of hiring, because tech jobs have long been set up to be worked entirely remotely. Tesorio, a Burlingame, CA-based cashflow performance platform, says this in their job description for its Head of Marketing position: “Our team is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we have a diverse, distributed workforce in five countries. We don’t believe that people need to sacrifice being close to their families and where they’d prefer to live in order to do their best work.” Umm, awesome, right? In other words, if you’re a qualified candidate and are able to work California hours remotely, this could be just the role for you. (The company also recently received $10 million in Series A funding, so that’s also a good sign.) To apply for the job, search for it on LinkedIn Jobs, or apply right on the company’s careers page.

Job, Business And Volunteering Resources

Don’t Fall For A Scam, Man!
As Forbes reports, some bad actors out there have decided to try to scam people looking for jobs during the COVID-19 crisis. For example, a scam job description might have “grammatical or spelling errors, and an expected level of niche vocabulary could be missing.” Obviously, some HR departments aren’t as thorough as others when posting job descriptions, so it’s entirely possible that a posting could have a few misspelled words and still be legitimate. But if you have a bad feeling about it, don’t apply. Read Forbes’ list of ways to watch out for scam job descriptions here.

Remote Control
Several columns ago, we posited that some companies might become amenable to hiring someone from out of state, even if one of the job requirements was that the candidate must live in that specific state. While we still don’t have actionable data that this has become a trend, one major tech company has made a move in that general direction. Twitter is allowing some of its currently remote employees to stay that way forever. If that becomes more widespread, the job market could open up in ways that it never has before.

Cool Resources For Kids

Hot Book
In the recent past, we’ve offered up a lot of favorite online homeschooling tools from our parent friends in the Capital Region community. Because, look, if you’re looking for a job and are also a parent, you’ll need some time to actually look for it. We just realized something, though: What happened to good old traditional offline education? You know, like a book. Unless you read Fahrenheit 451 in high school and sided with the book burners, books can open up new worlds for people of all ages—especially kids. Here’s one of the hottest new children’s book titles coming soon: The World Needs More Purple People cowritten by actress, producer and nominee for the world’s coolest parent, Kristen Bell (see: Veronica Mars, Frozen, The Good Place). It hits bookshelves on June 2. What’s it all about? Glad you asked: “A purple person is an everyday superhero! How do you become one? That’s the fun part! Penny Purple will lead you through the steps.” You can preorder the book from Northshire Bookstore here.

Cool Diversions

Live From Home
This past weekend, Jason Isbell and his wife, Amanda Shires, performed his entire new album, Reunions, front to back, at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville. The entire show was streamed on Fans.com for free, and the first 600 fans that logged on and joined the “balcony” or “standing room only” sections of the virtual show (300 in each section) could join a special Zoom meeting, during which their sound would be muted but they would appear live on screens in the venue surrounding the stage, so that Isbell and Shires could see their “fans.” (Many held up signs and danced.) Before and throughout the virtual performance, there were opportunities to donate money to the artists’ crews, who were all out of work, as well as buy merch. That, right there, is what live music is going to look like for the foreseeable future. And you know what? It wasn’t half bad. Watch it above. (Historic Saratoga venue Caffè Lena is also doing something like it, too. Do yourself a favor and tune in!)

Listen to This
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, here’s a wonderfully uplifting song from The Jayhawks, simply called “Smile.” (The album on which it appears, of the same name, just turned 20 back on May 9.) Sometimes smiling helps fix everything that’s broken. And if it doesn’t, maybe it’s time to seek out other means of bringing positivity into your life (read this, if you’re looking for some direction). Nobody should suffer in silence.

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