Job Hunters: Siena College, Russell Sage and Web Scribble Are All Hiring

I think we can all be cautiously optimistic about the latest job report. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to declare “mission accomplished” when the unemployment rate falls to 13.3 percent—and it’s not even clear whether that percentage decrease, from nearly 20 percent the month before, is even correct—but it’s good news, nonetheless, and it means the job market is starting to swing back in gear.

A few things to think about before we get to the meat and potatoes of the Job Hunters column (i.e. the job listings): Since the COVID-19 virus hasn’t gone anywhere—and will still be a pressing matter until there’s a vaccine produced for it—that’s upped the ante on healthcare-related (and -tangentially-related) jobs. And these aren’t just jobs for doctors and nurses; these include positions at pharmaceutical companies and at health/science magazines and websites. (You’ve seen all manner of these positions in previous Job Hunters columns.) The aftereffects of the pandemic have also spawned a new wave of related jobs, whether it be contact tracing, an uptick in jobs from the companies that have been deemed “essential” now in the latter phases and waitstaffs at restaurants, who are now able to serve patrons at socially distanced outdoor seating.

And remember: The Capital Region is on track to enter phase three next week, so that will mean the reopening of restaurants and food service companies, as well as hotels and other accommodations. So, keep your eyes peeled for local jobs ads in and around downtown areas on your next socially distanced stroll.

Local Job Opportunities

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Hospitality Industry
As our region enters the second week of phase two, the COVID-19 death rate has dropped to its lowest level since its peak back in April—and the Governor has begun speeding up the reopening process. Could this mean that businesses like hotels will be able to open earlier than expected? Apparently, this one is taking no chances. Although it’s listed as anonymous in the job position, the position’s a good one: Assistant General Manager. Search for and apply for the position on Indeed.com.

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Athletics Coach
Is Bend It Like Beckham your favorite movie? Do you sleep with a soccer ball? This job might be for you. Siena College is looking for a Head Coach for its Men’s Soccer Team. Aside from being an all-around baller, you’ll  be responsible for the daily management and administration of the Division I soccer program. Yes, you read that right: It’s D-I, so get it D-O-N-E. You can find the position by searching Indeed or by applying directly on the college’s careers page.

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – e-Athletics Coach
Yes, e-athletics exist, and they’re taking over colleges across the country. Russell Sage College in Albany is looking for a Director/Head Coach of eSports to attract, recruit and retain student-athletes. Other requirements include a mastery of Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Xbox and a black-belt in nerdery. (OK, that last line was sorta kinda made up, but it sorta kinda wasn’t either.) Search for the position on LinkedIn Jobs or apply for it right on the college’s website.

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Video Production
If you follow your dog around with your dad’s old mini-cam and later edit in the Jaws theme, you might be a good fit for the position. Troy-based Web Scribble, which provides job board software for professional and trade associations, is looking for a Videographer to create video content, build out the company’s social media presence, increase engagement and brand awareness and tell Web Scribble’s story in video form. AV Club geeks can find the position on LinkedIn Jobs or search for the post on the company’s careers page.

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Dentistry
When Sean Penn appeared on Inside the Actor’s Studio, and the late James Lipton asked him what his favorite curse word was, he said, “Ah, you…dentist.” OK, OK. So, dentists have to deal with a lot of screaming kids and adults. But, look, our teeth would all look like we were living in 1960s England if we didn’t have dentists, so as far as we’re concerned, they have and always will be essential. And per State of New York, they’ve been “essential” and reopened since last week. Richard Levin, DMD, in Troy is looking for a part-time Registered Dental Hygienist to work Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with some Thursdays, for June and July. It’ll start out part time but could evolve into a permanent position—just like your molars will (yes, we’re corny). Look for the job on Glassdoor, or contact the dentist for more information here.

National/Remote Job Opportunities

FEATURED: Cool Job Opportunity (Remote) – Multiple Openings
Los Angeles-based Rookieplay, a job consultancy startup targeting just-into-the-workforce candidates (i.e. recent college graduates), is looking to build out its business with a number of remote positions. The startup is looking for a Training Manager, Administrative Assistant, Research Assistant, Media Planner, Sales Associate and Social Media Specialist. Apply for any or all of the positions here.

Cool Job Opportunity (Remote) – Executive Level
Is beauty your duty? MoxieLash, an LA-based magnetic eyelash company, is on the lookout for a Director of Digital to drive business performance and growth and manage its digital channels. You’d be working on in-house growth marketing initiatives, working with agencies to identify new areas of growth for the company and mentoring/guiding the in-house marketing team. You’ll need 10+ years of experience to even get an, um, bat of the lashes from the business. Search for the job on LinkedIn Jobs or apply directly on the company’s website.

Cool Job Opportunity (Remote) – Digital Engineer
The Portage, MI-based data solutions company BlueGranite is looking for a Senior Consultant/Architect to join its Microsoft data and analytics practice team. You’ll need 5-10+ years of hands-on experience building and designing modern ETL/ELT and data storage solutions, using SQL Server, Azure Data Factory, Databricks/Spark, Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) and Data Lake, with familiarity with Power BI and AI/ML concepts. If none of that rang a bell, don’t waste your time applying. But if you were like, “Oh yeah, SQL Server…come to papa,” go. for. it. Find the position on Glassdoor by searching “remote” jobs or apply right on the company’s website.

Job, Business and Volunteering Opportunities

Cool Volunteering Position – Team Rubicon
A handful of years ago, I interviewed the former Marine that launched Team Rubicon, William McNulty. (Talk about an undeniable badass!) The nonprofit he founded deploys volunteers around the US and internationally to assist in disaster relief—including right effin’ now, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualified volunteers include military veterans (70 percent of the volunteer workforce), as well as qualified civilians, too. Sign up or donate to the cause today.

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