Keep Your House Cozy With These Upstate-Inspired Textiles and Wallpaper

Photography by Elizabeth Haynes

Just because the view out your window is colorless this time of year doesn’t mean the inside of your home has to be. “I keep a colorful home all year long,” says Saratoga-based artist Betsy Olmsted. “Displaying a spectrum of hues indoors through the cold, winter months is key for my upstate New York mental survival.” 

As it happens, Olmsted’s own whimsical watercolors—which she prints on blankets, pillows, tea towels and wallpaper and sells at Silverwood Home & Gallery on Broadway and on betsyolmsted.com—offer just the pop of color our dreary upstate winters call for. And a new collection celebrating everything there is to do outside in said upstate winters just dropped.

“Upstate Camp was inspired by the activities and nature in the Adirondacks,” says Olmsted of her new pattern. “The print depicts objects and animals associated with upstate leisure, camping, sports and foraging, from the lake to the slope.” At press time, the Upstate Camp print was available on most textiles, with the wallpaper—perfect for an accent wall in a cozy cabin—set to go on sale in December. Follow @bestyolmsted on Instagram to be the first to know when it’s available.

All that’s left? Snuggling up in your Upstate Camp quilt, grabbing some s’mores fixings, and gathering ’round the fireplace—upstate style.

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