Kevin S. Bright’s A-Roll: The 5 Most Underrated ‘Friends’ Episodes

There are a handful of episodes that are burned into every Friends lover’s mind. There’s “The One Where Rachel Finds Out” and “The One Where Ross Finds Out” (equally heart melting), “The One In Vegas” and “The One In Barbados” (equally plot twisting) and “The One With Ross’s Tan” (singularly memorable—“I’m an eight!”). But while everyone can appreciate these iconic moments from the beloved sitcom’s 10-year run, everyone has his or her personal favorite episodes. Here are five underrated episodes you might’ve forgotten about; be sure to check out the director of each…you might see a familiar name.

“The One With The Rumor”

(Directed by Gary Halverson)
Guest star Brad Pitt, who at the time was married to Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) in real life, plays a high school classmate of Ross, Monica and Rachel’s who ends up at their Thanksgiving dinner. (Pitt was nominated for an Emmy for the role.) His hatred for Rachel is quickly revealed, along with a rumor he and Ross spread about her in high school.

“The One With The Apothecary Table”

(Directed by Kevin S. Bright)
In an attempt to hide the fact that she bought the coffee table (and most of the other furniture) in her and Phoebe’s apartment from Pottery Barn, Rachel pretends she got it all at a flea market. Ross, who purchases the exact same table, makes it extremely difficult for Rachel to keep the lie going, and, as expected, hilarity ensues.

“The One With The Video Tape”

(Directed by Kevin S. Bright)
Rachel and Ross get in an argument about who initiated things the night Rachel got pregnant. Luckily, Ross had accidentally left a video camera on, and recorded the whole thing, so the entire friend group watches the tape to get to the bottom of it.

“The One Where Eddie Won’t Go”

(Directed by Michael Lembeck)
After Joey moves out, Chandler rents his room to a guy named Eddie (Adam Goldberg), who, when they first meet, seems normal enough. But when Eddie begins maniacally dehydrating fruit, accusing Chandler of hooking up with his ex-girlfriend, raising a Goldfish cracker as if it were alive and watching Chandler sleep, it’s clear he has to go. 

“The One With The Embryos”

(Directed by Kevin S. Bright)
While Phoebe is getting artificially inseminated in order to bear her brother and his wife’s baby (or, Spoiler Alert: babies), Monica and Rachel take on Joey and Chandler in a game of who knows whom better, hosted by Ross.

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