5 Things to Know About the Other Saratoga Springs in Utah

Guess what: Saratoga Springs, NY (the place where you’re reading this), is not the only Saratoga Springs in the world. It turns out there’s one 2,220 miles away in Utah—and it sounds like a pretty fun place to visit. Below, find five things to know about the other Saratoga Springs.

1. Saratoga Springs, Utah is located 35 miles south of Salt Lake City on the shore
of Utah Lake.

2. The city, which wasn’t officially incorporated until December 30, 1997, was named after its historic springs resort, Beck’s Saratoga Springs. In 1884, German immigrant John Beck purchased the land that included the historic warm springs, naming the surrounding 27 acres after our world-famous home in the Capital Region.

3. Beck’s Saratoga Springs resort changed hands several times, and eventually came to be known as just “Saratoga.” Throughout the years, it featured attractions such as baths (which were said to be therapeutic), swimming pools, a dance pavilion, a baseball diamond, two Ferris wheels, a miniature train, a mini golf course and a $150,000 waterslide. In 1995, Saratoga was sold to a group of investors to be converted into a housing development.

4. In the vein of its now-closed Saratoga resort, the City of Saratoga Springs, Utah throws an annual, multi-day community festival called Saratoga Splash Days, which in past years has featured a carnival, “splash bash water party,” parade, concert and fireworks.

5. Saratoga Springs was the fastest-growing city in Utah from 2000-2010, with a growth rate of 1,672.8 percent. Its current population includes nearly 38,000 residents, and that’s expected to increase by 35 percent over the next five years to 51,000 people.

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