Lake George Expedition Park Set To Open New Kid-Friendly Attraction, Dino Roar Valley

Upstate New York is about to get its own Jurassic Park—for kids. The Lake George Expedition Park, located on Route 9 in Lake George, is set to open its new Dino Roar Valley attraction later this year. The interactive park, open to groups of all ages—but with a particularly kid-friendly bent—will feature 20 life-size, animatronic dinosaurs and is connected by a paved walking trail, which will take visitors about 90-120 minutes to complete.

Before groups embark on their journey through the Dino Roar Valley, the park’s staff will give them an expedition briefing, which includes historical information about the dinosaurs, what they ate and where they lived. Then, you’ll get to see them in action. While the real McCoy has been extinct for about 65 million years, the park’s animatronic dinosaurs do the originals justice, roaring, blinking and moving in your presence.

Dino Roar Valley
A map of the trail at Dino Roar Valley, which will take families approximately 90 to 120 minutes to complete.

Park-goers can also climb into “dinosaur nests” and dig for fossils, among other related activities—and interested guests can fill out an expedition study guide as they go and attend workshops afterwards to learn even more about the long-extinct creatures. Groups also have the option of attending a post-tour show hosted by Rory the Raptor in a 200-seat amphitheater.

Despite the fact that the attraction is still being built, the park is already booking groups to Dino Roar Valley, and tickets cost $24.99 (group discounts are available). Dino Roar Valley joins the park’s other attraction, Magic Forest, a sprawling amusement park for children of all ages. Tickets to Magic Forest cost $19.99, and can now be bundled with Dino Roar Valley for $35. (Children two years and under get in for free.)

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