Lola Saratoga is Selling a $40K Crocodile Birkin Bag

Stepping into Lola Saratoga, a luxury handbag and accessories store on Broadway, you’d never know that a few short months ago the shop was the site of a smash-and-grab robbery. The thieves took some $100,000 in inventory, but owner Megan Druckman and her staff were quick to bounce back from the tragedy.

“The biggest thing we learned from the robbery is that our community is really like no other,” Druckman says. “The way the community came out for us was so moving. We wouldn’t have been able to move forward as a business or a team without feeling that support.”

These days, Druckman is in the process of rebuilding in time for the Belmont, and has new inventory—a mix of “pre-owned luxury” and “new contemporary” pieces—coming in daily. That includes a wide selection of pre-owned vintage bags from Chanel, a brand that’s been in the news recently following 2023 price hikes for its new collection, as well as one very special bag from Hermès. 

“Currently we have a very rare crocodile Birkin bag housed in an off-site location,” Druckman says. “It’s by appointment only, and it’s $39,995. To be able to own one of these bags is really remarkable because it’s not something you can just walk into the Hermès store and purchase. You need to be a longstanding client who spends annually a certain threshold at Hermès. This is a really great opportunity for a handbag collector to procure a crocodile bag for her collection.”

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