How to Celebrate National Ghost Hunting Day

Spooky season is right around the corner, Saratoga, and in a city as old as ours, there’s bound to be some spirits lurking around. Check out one of these haunted Spa City spots this September 26, National Ghost Hunting Day.

Batcheller Mansion Inn
Book a night at the Batcheller Mansion Inn—if you dare! A haunted hotel that dates back to 1873, the inn has been the sight of reports of supernatural activity, including random puffs of air and objects moving on their own.  

The Canfield Casino
Visitors at the Canfield Casino, which has been featured on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters and the Travel Channel’s Most Terrifying Places, have reported multiple sightings of a Victorian woman, the smell of cigar smoke, objects moving and cold drafts. It’s suspected that one of the previous owners, Reubena Walworth, as well as the casino’s founder, John Morrissey, are still roaming around the historic building’s halls.

Saratoga National Historical Park
The Saratoga National Historical Park is where many soldiers on both sides lost their lives during the turning point of the American Revolution, and many of their spirits are reported to remain there today. Visitors have heard horses running and seen odd green lights, as well as uniformed soldiers in the park and nearby road.      

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