National Of Saratoga Provides Summer Fashion Tips For Men

When going for a tailored look this summer, don’t be shy to stray from what’s conventional. Go for a double-breasted suit. “Whether it’s a matching suit or a jacket and trousers, the DB is a great way to tell the world that you’re serious when it comes to style,” Scott Christian wrote in an article on esquire.com.

“Some things that hold true are classic styles that don’t change that much,” manager of The National of Saratoga James Galliher says. “Guys like to wear comfortable moisture-wicking fabrics like lightweight cotton. Typically what we sell the most are button-down wovens and chino style slacks.”

For those who are fashion-forward, it’s more adventurous to wear double-breasted, but guys are moving away from nested suits – a matching pant and jacket combo – and they are utilizing the sport coat and then they can wear different slacks with that sport coat.”

As far as a versatile shoe, which can be worn through the day and into the wee hours of the night, this year you have the green light to loaf around. According to esquire.com, “When it comes to dressed-up shoes for summer, nothing beats a loafer. The slip-on style is easy to get on and off, gives your ankles a little much-needed breathing room, and makes a polished outfit a little more stylish.”

“We highlight a nice line of penny loafers and horse bit loafers,” Galliher says. “They are comfortable and very popular this time of year. If they have hardware on the front, it makes them a bit dressier. Espadrilles are also a cool look for the season and more European if you want to achieve that summer coastal town look.”

Searching for the perfect accessory? Get a little crazy and spring for a colorful wallet.

“And while you have your white Oxford shirt and your indigo jeans like every other guy, pulling out a brightly colored, excitingly patterned wallet says that you you’re a cool guy,” Max Berlinger stated on gq.com. “Plus, it’s a conversation starter, that’s for sure.”

“With accessories, that’s where guys will branch out more,” Galliher says. “They want something that looks nice – it’s a safer play to go neutral, but with accessories, we have lines of wallets in oxblood red or a navy that gradient and change color while on the go. A wallet is something that’s hidden and doesn’t stand out too much.”

Of course, there are other ways to jazz up your wardrobe. “You can always wear a lapel flower with a jacket as opposed to a tie,” Galliher says. “Ties are becoming more obsolete but it’s a great way to break up that navy blazer and is also more affordable.”

Undoubtedly, though, the most daring national trend for men can only be flaunted by the most daring and brave individuals – rompers, well actually, RompHims. They come in mostly patterns and pastels. At least you don’t have to worry about finding something to match your bottom or top, you simply slip it on and you’re set for the day.

Galliher isn’t quite as convinced. “That’s the great thing about race season,” he says. “For six weeks out of the year, it’s a more metropolitan area so [tourists] will bring in their own styles and we get to see how far people will go with trends. I don’t see a lot of guys walking around with one of those, unless they lost a bet [he chuckles], but if there’s a guy walking around like that I would applaud him for having the courage.”

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