One-Woman Glam Squad

A makeup studio offering everything from private makeup lessons to professional makeup application for parties, weddings and special events is an impressive enough endeavor. But in the case of DekedOut Makeup, all of that is being done by only one person. Interested in upping your glam game? Certified makeup artist (and founder/owner) Natalie Dekermendjian is a one-woman, all-needs makeup professional who’s expertly helping women all over the Capital Region with their glow-ups.

“I believe that all makeup artists have the same goal,” says Dekermendjian, who can travel to a client’s home, or see them at Lindsay Rae Photography in Troy for a studio experience. “That goal is to show whoever’s in our chair how gorgeous they are by enhancing their natural features, all while making them feel comfortable in their own skin.” DekedOut (an eponymous reference to her last name) offers its cosmetics expertise for all events, from weddings and special occasions to glamour shots and special effects makeup, in addition to private makeup parties and tutorials. “The one thing I’ve learned since going out on my own is to not take on more than I can handle and to not stress the little things,” she says. “When I take on too much, it becomes less about creating art, which takes the fun out of my job.”

In addition to the artistry, Dekermendjian loves the personal connection she has with her clients when helping them party prep for an important event in the privacy of their own homes. In fact, Dekermendjian says that one of her secrets is getting to know her clients a little first. “This helps me get a better understanding of what they might be looking for when it comes to makeup,” she says. “Oftentimes a ‘natural’ makeup look for a mother with four kids is a lot different than a ‘natural’ look for a single college student.”

Dekermendjian, who was raised in Latham, was actually born in California and attended the prestigious Make-up Designory there. After gaining her certification in fashion makeup, studio hairstyling, business of makeup artistry and special effects makeup, Dekermendjian brought those skills back to the Capital Region, working for several big-name cosmetics brands such as Benefit Cosmetics and Ulta Beauty before founding DekedOut Makeup in 2014 (first as a side hustle).

Starting in May of this year, Dekermendjian had enough clients to dedicate all her time and talent to DekedOut. “I just want to be the best makeup artist I can be,” she says. “I want to be able to give my clients my all and be happy doing it!”

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