So Doggone Cute: Meet the Winners of the 2020 Comedy Pet Photo Awards

This one’s for all the pet lovers out there in the Capital Region, who will probably be spending a little extra snuggle time with their furry friends this holiday season. Each year, the Comedy Pet Photography Awards collects all of the world’s best (and funniest) pet photos and puts them in front of a panel of judges.

This year’s winner was Noodles, a Galgo Español (Spanish greyhound) mix breed, who was found in a kill shelter in Spain where she had been abandoned at the end of the hunting season. Noodles’ owner, Elke Vogelsong, who lives in Hildesheim, Germany, took home £3,000 in prize money (a little more than $4,000 in our dollars).

The UK-based awards series, which is sponsored by Mars Petcare, aims to raise awareness for homeless pets in the UK.

Besides Noodles, there were a number of other category-specific photo winners, including top cat (Basil), horse (“Gossip Girl”) and all other creatures (“Drama Queen”). Taking the “Pets Who Look Most Like Their Owners” category was the shot entitled “Morning Mood” by owner Hannah Seeger and her dog; and Ayden Brooks took the Junior category with the snap of his sleepy cat named Fox Mulder. A number of other pet photos were awarded “highly commended.”

You can find all the winning photos in the gallery above. And as an added bonus, find an additional gallery of photos of the Saratoga Living/Capital Region Living staff’s pets. (We’re clearly dog people.) There’s nothing “comedic” about how much we love them.

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