Piper Boutique Wins By Giving Back

Piper Boutique’s Owner Alessandra Bange-Hall doesn’t just want her clientele leaving her store looking fabulous, she wants them feeling that way, too. “We want to make women feel like they’re getting the most out of their shopping experience while also having fun,” says Bange-Hall. Piper Boutique, which first opened its doors in Downtown Saratoga Springs in 2011 and has since opened a second storefront in Philadelphia, offers customers the latest, fashion-forward women’s apparel and accessories at affordable prices. (Everything at Piper Boutique costs less than $100.) The boutique’s stylists pride themselves on listening to customers, making them feel comfortable and confident—and encouraging them to think outside of the box from time to time.

In addition to helping women of all ages stay ahead of the fashion curve, Bange-Hall has also been active on Saratoga’s philanthropic scene. “I’ve always been passionate about philanthropy,” she says. “Having a store and being so engrossed in a community gives you a platform to bring awareness to different organizations, in addition to raising money for them.” To that end, Bange-Hall has been hosting “Girls Night Out” and “Shop & Sip” events since she founded the boutique, each of which has a fundraising component. She’s worked with a number of organizations, including Gabby Rocco Let It Shine Foundation, Jake’s Help From Heaven and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in New York City. (The list literally goes on and on.) Bange-Hall donates a percentage of Piper Boutique’s sales to the organization and offers shoppers wine, champagne and sweets. There’s even a giveaway that’s raffled off to raise money.

But for Bange-Hall, raising funds for worthy organizations is only one piece of the puzzle. “I love these events, because we have a lot of fun, but they also make people aware of organizations and medical conditions that maybe they’ve never heard of before,” she says. She points to one of Piper Boutique’s most recent events that raised money and awareness for Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. “People who attend the shopping fundraisers leave with a better understanding of the charitable organizations, whether they are national nonprofits or ones operating right here in Saratoga Springs,” says Bange-Hall. “That’s why we have Girls Night Out at Piper Boutique!”

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