Proctors Wants to Send Students to See ‘The Color Purple’

Seeing a Broadway show can make memories that last a lifetime.

Proctors has partnered with the Schenectady Boys and Girls Club and the fundraising organization Fundabilities to raise money to send Capital Region students to see The Color Purple, live on the Proctors stage in downtown Schenectady, from Oct. 7–14.

Each $20 donation will pay for one student to see the show.

“We are very appreciative of our partnership with Proctors and what they do for the community,” said Tish Czachor, director of advancement at the Boys and Girls Club. Many of the students in the club love theater, dance and music, Czachor says, but they don’t know about the fundraiser yet, because most of $1,600 goal still needs to be raised.

“When they do find out, they’ll be very excited,” she says.

The idea came from a conversation at Proctors about the importance of theater, not just for entertainment, but for communication.

“[Theater is] a way for us to experience stories that move us, bring us together and begin new conversations,” Michael Eck, public relations specialist at Proctors, says.

The Color Purple is inspirational and a cultural touchstone, says Eck. Set in the 1930s, the 2016 Tony Award-winning musical follows a young African-American woman in rural Georgia on her journey to love and triumph. It features a Grammy-winning score of jazz, gospel, ragtime and blues.

“If we look around, we see that the world is a confusing place,” Eck says. “The arts give young people tools to deal with the things happening all around them. The arts also impart a sense of joy, which goes a long way, given our hectic lifestyles. And introducing the arts at a young age creates a desire to participate throughout life.”

To donate, visit fundabilities.com/The-Color-Purple-at-Proctors.

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