Recharge and Replenish With IV Therapy

Here in the spa city, there’s no shortage of rejuvenating treatments for folks who want to look and feel their best. From chemical peels and HydraFacials to body wraps and therapeutic massages, a quick scan of your favorite local spa’s menu reveals a remedy for every need. Now, this even includes nutrition, thanks to the arrival of IV Therapy. 

If the thought of an IV brings hospital visits and trips to the ER to mind, you’re not alone. 

“My first exposure to IV therapy was working in the emergency setting,” says Bellatas Medical Aesthetics Founder Laura Newey, FNP-C. “We used it a lot there to rejuvenate people coming in with various [ailments]. You could see people turning around pretty quickly.” 

Newey’s experiences in the ER planted a question in her mind: What could IV therapy do for clients in a general wellness setting?

“You’re getting that full bioavailability of the vitamins and minerals that you’re putting in versus taking vitamins orally,” she says. 

Normally, our bodies absorb vitamins and minerals pretty slowly; however, the IV injects them directly into our bloodstreams, allowing us to absorb them more quickly—and at a higher dose. Whether you’re an athlete gearing up for a big event or you’re feeling low-energy and want to prioritize your health, IV therapy can provide that much-needed boost. 

“Or maybe they’ve had a long night out,” Newey adds. “Certainly, it can be helpful in those situations.” 

Indeed, since IV therapy arrived on the local scene last year, it’s become a go-to hangover cure for those in the late-night crowd who don’t want to forfeit the following day to grogginess. In a season-long pop-up, RevIVa Wellness even brought IV therapy directly to the track, allowing racegoers the chance to recharge and maintain momentum.

“The amount of increased fluids eliminates dehydration,” explains Denise Dubois, founder of Complexions Spa for Beauty and Wellness, which also offers IV therapy at its two Capital Region locations. “It’s a main reason why guests feel so good after.”

Those who want to experience IV therapy for themselves can choose from a selection of drips that help meet different goals, including beauty, hydration, a boosted immune system, fat-burning, energy, mental clarity, sports performance and mood.

Curious about what IV therapy can do for you? Newey invites you to explore: “I really love seeing people feel better afterward.”   

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