Remember Them? 100 Outtakes From The Epic 20th Anniversary Issue’s ‘Saratoga 20’ Photo Shoot

Remember The Saratoga 20? A short refresher course: This was saratoga living‘s list of the ten men and ten women from Saratoga Springs and the Capital Region that we chose to honor in our 20th anniversary issue (the one with the roses on the cover). The list included everybody from Saratoga Performing Arts Center’s President and CEO Elizabeth Sobol and Phinney Design Group’s Principal Architect Michael Phinney to Osteria Danny’s General Manager Patti Petrosino (there were 17 others, of course). As SL‘s Editor in Chief, Richard Pérez-Feria, noted in the issue, we could’ve chosen to do “The Saratoga 100” there were so many worthy candidates…and in a way, that’s what we’re doing right now.

Spread out over three days, saratoga living‘s Senior Photographer Dori Fitzpatrick—with Pérez-Feria in the room for editorial guidance—photographed each member of the Saratoga 20 multiple times. Obviously, the photo that accompanied each member of the list in the magazine was the one that was ultimately deemed “the shot,” but there were countless incredible outtakes from each session that Fitzpatrick took that she’s compiled for us and that we wanted to share with you. In short, five wonderful portraits of each of our Saratoga 20 (in essence, 100 never-before-seen photographs!).

Click on the photo gallery above to see them in all their glory.

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