Saratoga-Based Graphic Designer Lauren Childs Tackles A New Challenge: Her Own Wedding Invitations

Designing wedding invitations isn’t Lauren Childs’ day job. Most of the Saratoga Springs-based graphic designer’s work is in the advertising field: Her clients include Coca-Cola, FIFA’s World Cup and the American Cancer Society. But along with her strategic marketing skills, Childs also has a knack for calligraphy. And doodling. (Maybe you saw her elegant drawing of Downtown Saratoga’s Adirondack Trust Company branch in saratoga living’s 2018 Holiday Issue.) So Childs started designing invitations for her friends who’d gotten engaged. “I knew their style and personality more than someone they’d never met,” she says.

But recently, she tackled an altogether different (and decidedly more difficult) challenge. It’s now Childs who’s engaged, and, sure enough, she’s been on the case, crafting her own wedding invitations. “I literally did it the day after I got engaged,” she says. “I was like, ‘Yes, finally: my own wedding!’” She opted for a simple, horse-themed design—she’s getting married in Saratoga right smack-dab in the middle of track season—and incorporated horse drawings by her mom based on photographs taken at Saratoga Race Course. “I’d say it’s harder to make my own invitations, because I’ve seen so many designs,” she says. “And since I designed them myself, I keep making changes.”

You can see more of Childs’ work on Instagram (@lechilds) or on her website. Maybe you’ll even get to see her final wedding invitation design. If she ever stops perfecting it, that is.

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