Saratoga City Center Parking Garage Open to the Public on November 10 (Updated)

One thing that Saratogians complain more regularly about than the oncoming chill of winter? Parking. After about 10am in the morning on most days, Downtown Saratoga becomes a parking spot wasteland, with commuters doing everything but duking it out over available spaces.

Well, today comes word of a little respite. Executive Director and President of the Saratoga Springs City Center Ryan McMahon announced on November 6 that the long-awaited City Center Parking garage facility, which has been in the works for a solid decade and under construction since September 23, 2019, will finally open to the public on November 10. The new parking garage, located between Maple and High Rock Avenues, will offer secure covered parking for more than 620 vehicles.

The building also features a pedestrian bridge over Maple Avenue that leads into the City Center, four electric car charging stations, two green spaces and a rooftop area that can be used for parking and convention-related activities. A security guard will be on premise during evening hours.

“First and foremost, we wanted to build this project to release the pressure on parking when we have events in town,” McMahon tells Saratoga Living. “So, this is partially being a responsible business and neighbor to the community, not having our people park all the way down to Olde Bryan Inn, Walt & Whitman and up into town. It’ll also give people a secure, covered spot if they want to do longterm or local parking options.”

If Saratogians were hoping that the new garage would be offering more free parking, it will—but with a catch. The City Center’s parking garage will offer a pay-per-park system with the first hour of parking free with each additional hour being $1.00, up to a per-day maximum of $15.00. Annual parking passes will also be available. However, to help Downtown Saratoga restaurants and retail businesses during the pandemic this holiday season, the City Center will be offering would-be customers four hours of complementary parking on a daily basis until January 1, 2021. “When coronavirus started, the Saratoga City Center started working with the Downtown Business Association, the Saratoga Tourism Bureau, Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce and the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership to find ways we could help the downtown businesses,” says McMahon. “This is part of that same initiative; this is another way that we can do our job to help make sure Saratoga Springs stays strong. Normally, our core job is driving people to Downtown Saratoga for all these wonderful, locally owned business. Since we’re not doing that, this is the next best thing we do—give them a nice, free spot to park that’s secure and you’re not going to have to wipe the snow off your car.”

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