Saratoga County, New York State Appeal To Local Businesses For Medical Supplies

Yes, it’s a major bummer that many of you have to work from home indefinitely—or have lost your jobs entirely. But just take a second and think about all of the doctors, physicians assistants, nurses and medical staffers at local hospitals, who are working around the clock to help the sick and stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, try to picture the unimaginable: These healthcare workers running out of the supplies they need to protect themselves from COVID-19 and potentially contracting the virulent virus. You don’t need an MD to know how bad that could turn out.

For that reason, Saratoga County and New York State have put out a desperate call to owners in industries that use personal protective equipment (PPE) products such as latex gloves, N-95 masks and gowns, to donate their currently unused equipment to local healthcare providers. (Think of it like the close cousin of rationing chewing gum during World War II.) These could include nail salons, tattoo parlors, barbershops and nonessential manufacturing companies.

Interested in pitching in? You can reach out to Carl Zeilman, commissioner at the
Saratoga County Office of Emergency Services either via email [email protected] or phone 518.221.6989.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has also put out a call to local businesses that have the ability to mass-produce PPE equipment, encouraging them to start the manufacturing process immediately. The idea here is that it wouldn’t be on the business owners’ dime; in fact, the state is willing to pump funds into any company looking to obtain the proper equipment to manufacture the goods, as well as the proper personnel to make it happen. Businesses interested in receiving state funding to manufacture PPE products should contact Eric Gertler at 212.803.3100 or email [email protected]. (If you are a Saratoga County based business, please email us and keep us informed so we can help support your efforts.)

Lastly, Governor Cuomo is also asking all PPE product providers to sell any products that are nonessential or not currently being used to the state. Businesses interested in selling products to the state should contact Simonida Subotic at 646.522.8477 or email [email protected].

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