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Dr. Jean Buhac, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Saratoga Dermatology and Medical Spa in Saratoga Springs, NY, says her intention is to help people, and she aims to do that by providing cosmetic results that look natural.

Dr. Buhac has been serving the Saratoga Springs community for almost two decades. She recently combined her two practices, Spa City Spa and Saratoga Dermatology to create Saratoga Dermatology and Medical Spa, a single location from which she and Dr. Jennifer Smith offer cosmetic and medical dermatological solutions for everything from wrinkles to skin cancer. Their most popular procedures include BOTOX® Cosmetic, fillers, laser skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal.

Saratoga Dermatology and Medical Spa is very much a customer-first business: “Our priority is to treat patients with respect and to provide the best possible results for both medical and cosmetic dermatology patients,” say the doctors. Dr. Smith specializes in skin cancer removal; while Dr. Buhac provides natural, aesthetically-pleasing cosmetic solutions. Their technique is informed by years of training and their unique outlook as female medical professionals: “Our patients also appreciate seeing dermatologists who understand skincare from a woman’s unique perspective.”

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Below, read an exclusive interview with Dr. Buhac.

Why open a business in Saratoga?
My husband John and I relocated to the area after finishing our training at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. My husband’s family is from Albany, and we were both looking for positions at the time. John is a gastroenterologist in Albany. After holding a teaching position for derm residents at Albany Medical Center, I decided to go into private practice. We lived in Clifton Park at that time, and since I was looking to be associated with a hospital, I chose Saratoga Springs, which seemed like a nice community. I’ve consulted at Saratoga Hospital since starting my practice 20 years ago. It was with the help of Dr. DelGiacco that I rented my first office. Saratoga’s great, because my office and the hospital are centrally located. Patients in many outlying areas that need service can reach the hospital as well as my office. Also, I enjoy living in a college town and providing services for the faculty and student body.

Who do you serve, what is your intention and what challenges must you meet?
I provide services to the greater Capital Region and the rural areas of the Adirondacks and as far as Vermont, Poughkeepsie and Plattsburgh. My intention is to provide every patient with the best medical care possible. Our goal is to continue improving the way we practice in order to provide the best dermatological medical care to our patients. That is,  with respect to developing and carrying out a treatment plan for them that is individualized, effective and affordable. Our efficiency is based upon adhering to the HIPPA guidelines and regulations for patient safety and privacy; enhancing communication; and in a timely manner, addressing the needs of our established as well as new patients.

How do you contribute to your community? How do you feel about Saratoga?
I’ve participated in the community actively over the years through financial support and engagement, as well as on volunteer basis. I’ve offered melanoma screening clinics in coordination with Saratoga Hospital and Wilton Medical Arts. I’ve served on the board of the Saratoga Hospital Foundation, and raised money for the hospital. I’ve been a patron of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center for years. We’ve contributed to a variety of causes including the Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park, the Pinckney farm; I was on the board of the Arts Fest of Saratoga; for years, supported the SPAC annual Ladies Luncheon and the Flower and Fruit Mission, as well as the Saratoga Preservation Society. I’ve also donated substantially to the revival of the Universal Preservation Hall as a live performance venue in the city. My office has also participated in the New Visions program, which has provided Saratoga Springs High School and other area high school seniors the ability to spend time with me in the office to evaluate my field and help make decisions in their life. I’ve also served on the board of the Waldorf School in Saratoga Springs. I’ve volunteered at the Saratoga Rowing Association’s regattas. I’ve provided support to the Museum of Dance. And I’ve also served as a Cornell University ambassador to high school seniors applying there, who might be interested in learning more about it.

Anything else you’d like our audience to know or share?
I would like to thank the community; the hospital; my fellow physicians; and foremost, my patients over the years, who’ve placed their trust in me and my family. I continue to serve with gratitude and don’t take anything for granted. I treat each of my patients for their skin conditions, but make a point to provide care to the individual as a whole.

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