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Sometime around February 2022, saratogaliving.com’s day-to-day news coverage ceased. You can still read all the articles from each print edition of Saratoga Living here, but as for stories about what’s happening now, those live on Saratoga Living After Hours, a website and newsletter hosted by Substack, a platform that allows writers to publish content directly to their audience through subscriptions.

If that went over your head, bear with us. You can visit Saratoga Living After Hours at saratogaliving.substack.com, just like any other website. When you arrive, you may be prompted to subscribe, which you are welcome to do—it’s free. You can also opt out by clicking “let me read it first,” and you’ll be taken to a simple landing page where you can browse all past Saratoga Living After Hours stories.

If you choose to subscribe, you won’t have to go to the Saratoga Living After Hours website again—every future story will be sent directly to your email inbox on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday mornings. (Check your promotions folder if you don’t see them.) It’s that simple! You will notice, however, that our Tuesday posts typically have a paywall, which prompts you to upgrade to a paid subscription in order to keep reading. Paid subscriptions are $5 a month or $50 a year, and get you full access to every past and future Saratoga Living After Hours story. The print and digital editions of Saratoga Living are always 100 percent free; these paid subscriptions help our small team cover the costs of bringing local journalism to Saratoga on the reg.

Still not sold? Give Saratoga Living After Hours a read and, we promise, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t subscribe sooner. Here are a few of our all-time favorite stories to give you a taste of what’s in store.

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