‘saratoga living’ Hosting Epic ‘Icons & Legends’ Halloween Party On October 30

I’ve never been all that good at Halloween. Actually, I take that back. What I should’ve said is as an adult, I’ve never been all that good at Halloween. When I was a kid, trick-or-treating around the North Broadway neighborhood in Saratoga Springs, up near Skidmore College where my parents worked, my costumes were always really inventive, and one year in particular stands out, when my mom made me this spider costume from scratch (the “arms” were made out of Cudney’s coat-hangers, I think). As I got older, I stopped having fun on the holiday—and by college, after showing up to a keg party as a dead rugby player (everyone was frightened), I just stopped Halloweening completely.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big fan of the Halloween concept and especially, the candy. And I enjoy handing it out to all the cute little ghosts and ghouls and goblins each year in my neighborhood, and I’m proud that our house gets return trick-or-treaters. I also always make a point to listen to “Halloween” and the even creepier “Halloween II” by The Misfits every year. But like I said, Halloween’s not been for me for a long time.

That is, until this coming Tuesday, October 30, when I’ll be appearing in costume in public for the first time in more than a decade. Come join me at saratoga living‘s Icons & Legends Halloween costume party bash (there’s still time to RSVP!), where we’ll be celebrating the release of our wonderful new magazine, the Luxury Issue, and raising a glass to and doing the big reveal for our latest cover (wouldn’t you like to know who’s on it).

But I won’t be the only partygoer in disguise; our entire staff will be in costume (I hear our Managing Editor’s going as an Olympic skier), and we’ll be judging a costume contest for attendees (the winner gets a $100 gift card to Max London’s). Also making a cameo will be tarot card reader Jacqueline Kalage—and we’ll have a DJ spinning tunes, a food truck from Capital Q Smokehouse and a Halloween-themed specialty cocktail courtesy of Upstate Distilling. (The event will be sponsored by Putnam Place, Max London’s, Homes by Malta Development and Upstate Distilling.)

I’m really looking forward to the party. And to Halloween, for once. Hey, it could be the re-start of something beautiful.

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