‘Saratoga Living’ Joins Forces With New Local Podcast ‘Seriously Catherine’

Palette Community founder and CEO Catherine Hover has never been afraid to try new things. And this time, she invited Saratoga Living to join her. Her new podcast, Seriously Catherine, is a fun and engaging Capital Region-fest that features weekly interviews with local movers and shakers. Each episode also has a Saratoga Living or Saratoga Living After Hours “moment”—and her personal takes on them are often hilarious.

Saratoga Living’s CEO, Abby Tegnelia, will be in the studio with Catherine about once a month. Most episodes will be a sneak peek of the upcoming issue of the magazine—plus behind-the-scenes insider info and Catherine’s hot takes on what the team (Director of Content Natalie Moore just might make an appearance or two as well!) has chosen for the magazine’s stories.

For Abby’s first episode, which you can listen to wherever you listen to podcasts, Catherine generously let her jump on her “saving local journalism” soapbox. (Also discussed: Owen Wilson, fearlessly finding your life path, and local celeb Tim Pink’s dating life.) After listening (and in turn doing your part to support local journalism here in the Capital Region), please like, follow and/or review! Those easy steps are what it takes to keep a podcast going. And this is one we want to keep going!

Seriously Catherine is produced by local podcasting company Bright Sighted. Come along for the ride!

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