Saratoga Police Could Ticket People Who Aren’t Practicing Social Distancing

Not practicing proper social distancing in Saratoga Springs during the COVID-19 pandemic? Saratoga Springs police could be ticketing you for it.

That’s according to Saratoga’s Public Safety Commissioner Robin Dalton, who, during a press conference on March 31—which aired live on Facebook—told those gathered that: “Maintaining social distance and the guidelines put into place by Governor Cuomo will be key. As a city, we will be enforcing them through warnings and then ticketing and fines if needed. Because your actions are that important: Our collective health and safety depend on them.” (The fines could be as high as $250, per the Times Union.)

Just today, Governor Cuomo revealed that his brother Chris, an anchor on cable news organization CNN, had been diagnosed with COVID-19, using the diagnosis as an example of why social distancing is so important to take part in among New Yorkers.

Saratoga has a number of playgrounds and parks, including Congress Park, that are still open to the public. Also, the Saratoga Spa State Park remains open, though its website includes a message about practicing proper social distancing (i.e. walking six feet apart from others) on it.

New data suggests that social distancing is helping to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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