Saratoga Snacks: Bright Legacy, Comfy Retirement

Saratoga Snacks, a thoroughbred that won nearly $750,000, has become quite the celebrity at ReRun, his retirement home in East Greenbush.

“He probably gets two or three people visiting him in a week. They’ll stop by when they are coming between Saratoga and Belmont,” says Lisa Molloy, ReRun’s executive director.

The 8-year-old gelding is also an ambassador and official model for Saratoga Horseworks, an Amsterdam, N.Y., company that sells American-made horse blankets and accessories. “They made him a whole set of blankets, bandages, everything,” says Molloy.

Snacks, who was owned by Bill Parcells and Gary Sciacca, the horse’s trainer, came to ReRun on Dec. 31.

“He’s huge, absolutely massive,” says Molloy. “He was known for being kind of wild at the track. He’s calmed down quite a bit and he’s quite happy with his lot in life.”

Parcells and Sciacca want Snacks to be kept in conditions similar to the racetrack, Molloy says.

“He gets turned out every day. He still wears shoes. He gets to be a horse. If he wants to come in, he’ll tell you when he wants to come in. He likes his stall. For his entire life, he lived in a stall. Some horses don’t like being outdoors all the time. It’s kind of like going from living at The Ritz to living under a bridge. They are used to having everything done for them.”

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