Saratoga Gets A Shout-Out In An ‘SNL’ Outtake Going Viral On YouTube

Saratoga got a shout-out on Saturday Night Live this past weekend—if you count a sketch that that was cut from the show for time purposes but is currently going viral on the show’s YouTube page.

On the Saturday, February 29 airing of the popular comedy sketch show, which was hosted by comedian John Mulaney, Saratoga gets a sarcastic mention in the “You Go Show” sketch, which was cut for time but the same day posted to the show’s YouTube page. SNL, which has 9.85 million subscribers on its channel, posts videos of many of the sketches that run and some that don’t. In the sketch in question, which takes place on the fictional TV talk show You Go!, Host Danny Rash (Mulaney) makes his guests Gene and Amanda, portrayed by cast members Mikey Day and Cecily Strong, respectively, feel uncomfortable about their personal triumphs. Gene has overcome the stigma of his giant-sized ears, while Amanda comes in to talk about her new business—designing “Skirty Cat” cat skirts—which she’s left her well-paying job to produce full time. It’s the latter sketch that gives Saratoga some (questionable) love. After having an awkward exchange with the cat skirt designer, Mulaney’s character sarcastically quips, “Thanks for bussing down from Saratoga!” Watch the full sketch below.

To date, more than 660,000 users have streamed the clip. We’re famous!

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