Saratoga Springs: Are You On Team Yanny Or Team Laurel?

If you’re on social media all day long—it’s part of my job, so I have a good excuse—you tend to see quite a few memes go viral. Whether it be hashtag games on Twitter or image-based creations on Facebook, memes are a fun distraction during a grueling work day. Like that multi-colored dress that broke the internet in 2015. Man, I spent way too much time trying to figure that one out. It broke my brain.

The latest meme causing a stir? “Laurel vs. Yanny.” It’s a short audio clip, with a robotic voice saying a single word. Some people hear “Yanny,” while others hear “Laurel.” If you’re wondering, on my commute in this morning, I was totally Team Yanny. I tried and tried, but there was no way I could physically hear “Laurel.” I heard the clip multiple times on my commute in to saratoga living HQ on PXY 106. Here’s the clip:

But when I just listened to the clip above, all I could hear was “Laurel.” I’m now afraid that I’ve gone completely insane. Or that there are two different recordings out there, and I just fell for another piece of fake (audio) news. CNN believes it has scientific proof which answer is the correct one. Please, help me make up my mind once and for all, Saratoga!


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